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Our company had realized technical part of the website for Moldovan largest virtual tours portal. The website features structured catalogue, which provides convenient navigation. For each object, besides descriptions and photos, there is an option of uploading a virtual tour. Website visitors also have a possibility to vote for a favorite restaurant to get it to the TOP.

There is an interactive chat realized on the website, which allows registered users to discuss in real time mode the latest events, ask for each other’s opinions and advice. In this chat, website visitors can get answers from the companies presented at the website. There are 3 types of featuring for the companies, that can be adjusted at the website control panel.

The website is realized in three languages, in order to provide information to all website’s visitors to the fullest and most understandable extent possible.


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Евгений Быстрицкий

While our Company was growing, we addressed to Ilab twice, asking to calculate web site cost for our Company. We decided to save money and refused at first, since we thought that we would achieve similar results all by ourselves. However, as a matter of fact, it turned out to be more difficult than we could even imagine. The project exceeded the allotted time, was regularly changed and, finally, was tossed as a garbage.

Голубенков Виктор

We are deeply indebted to company for its help with implementation of our idea, that is service for bringing goods by travelers That is our first project and in the very beginning we had a lot of amateurish questions. The team helped us with them and taught us the basics of web-design and developing websites. team showed us that they have no unsolvable problems in the sphere of web-coding and website development during collaborative work. All our wishes and suggestions were taken into complete account and we thank them for that.

Влад Кондрюк

We would like to express our deep gratitude towards the employees of the company for their responsible and high-quality development of the website for the chain of the supermarkets Nr1.

Владимир Бошняк

We have paid attention to company long time ago. As a result decided to make a trial order for development of social network application for job searching. The application was intended for Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. We were pleased with the collaboration.

Татьяна Руснак

“Intelligent Recruitment” is a company specializing on staff recruitment. For effective intercommunion with clients and candidates in the internet, our company decided to order corporative website development on